Omni Geode2Omni Geode


Omni Geodes can be found by breaking rocks in the Mines, panning in the Mines, bought from the Oasis on Wednesday for 1,000g or from Krobus on Tuesday for 300g, and on all levels of the Skull Cavern. They contain many different minerals, ores, resources, and artifacts inside. They must be broken open at the Blacksmith.

The selling price is 0g.


Foraged Minerals

Image Mineral Sell Price
Fire Quartz Fire Quartz 100g


Geode Minerals

Image Mineral Sell Price
Aerinite Aerinite 125g
Alamite Alamite 150g
Baryte Baryte 50g
Basalt Basalt 175g
Bixite Bixite 300g
Calcite Calcite 75
Celestine Celestine 125g
Dolomite Dolomite 300g
Esperite Esperite 100g
Fairy Stone Fairy Stone 250g
Fire Opal Fire Opal 350g
Fluorapatite Fluorapatite 200g
Geminite Geminite 150g
Ghost Crystal Ghost Crystal 200g
Granite Granite 75g
Helvite Helvite 450g
Hematite Hematite 150g
Jagoite Jagoite 115g
Jamborite Jamborite 150g
Obsidian Obsidian 200g
Ocean Stone Ocean Stone 220g
Opal Opal 150g
Orpiment Orpiment 150g
Petrified Slime Petrified Slime 120g
Pyrite Pyrite 120g
Sandstone Sandstone 60g
Slate Slate 85g
Soapstone Soapstone 120g
Star Shards Star Shards 500g
Jasper Jasper 150g
Kyanite Kyanite 250g
Lemon Stone Lemon Stone 200g
Limestone Limestone 15g
Lunarite Lunarite 200g
Malachite Malachite 100g
Marble Marble 110g
Mudstone Mudstone 25g
Nekoite Nekoite 80g
Neptunite Neptunite 400g
Thunder Egg Thunder Egg 100g
Tigerseye Tigerseye 275g



Image Resource Sell Price
Stone Stone 2g
Clay Clay 20g
Coal Coal 15g
Copper Ore Copper Ore 5g
Iron Ore Iron Ore 10g
Gold Ore Gold Ore 25g
Iridium Ore Iridium Ore 100g



Image Artifact Sell Price
Dwarf Gadget Dwarf Gadget 200g
Dwarvish Helm Dwarvish Helm 100g
Ancient Drum Ancient Drum 100g


Image Gem Sell Price
Prismatic Shard Prismaric Shard 2,000g



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