Pale Ale 100  Pale Ale


Pale Ale is an Artisan Product made from placing Hops inside of a Keg. Pale Ale has the best profit of anything placed in the keg at 12x the base value of Hops.

Pale Ale heals 22-58 health and 50-130 energy depending on the quality of the item. When consumed, Pale will make you Tipsy, decreasing your speed by 1 for 30s.



Pale Ale, when placed in a Cask can age up to Iridium Star quality.

Pale Ale 4824px Silver Quality Icon24px Gold Quality Icon24px Iridium Quality Icon 2
300g (420g with Artisan profession)375g (525g with Artisan profession)450g (630g with Artisan profession)600g (840g with Artisan profession)
Aged: NoneAged: 9 daysAged: 17 daysAged: 34 days




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