Part Of The Community Mod

The Part of the Community mod will allow you to gain friendship points in new ways! These points can be gained both passively and actively.

Stardew Valley Part Of The Community Mod

Here are some other things you can do to increase friendship:

  • Villagers within earshot of the Farmer when he is talking to/gifting another villager will get a slight increase in friendship
  • Villagers will get a slight friendship increase at the end of the day if one of their friends/family members gains a gift
  • Shop Owners will increase friendship when the Farmer visits their shop (once per day)
  • All villagers will increase friendship simply by joining the festivities
  • Marrying/Increasing your Spouse/Child’s Friendship will give an increase to the wife’s family
  • Completing the CC Bundles will give a increase to all Store Owners (Except Dwarf/Krobus)
  • Completing multiple Bulletin Board Quests will give a slight increase to all villagers
  • Shipping at least one new item will give a slight increase to all villagers





Created by bmarqismarkail
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