stardew valley red mushroom  Red Mushroom


Red Mushroom is an item that is found by foraging. You can find Red Mushroom on floors 27+ of The Mines or in the Secret Woods during Summer. They may also be tapped from a Mushroom Tree, or grown in the Mushroom Cave. Additionally, they may also be looted from Garbage Cans.

When consumed, the Red Mushroom depletes 50-130 energy, depending on the item quality.

The sell price depends on the quality of the item. Refer to the table below.

stardew valley Red Mushroom 

24px Silver Quality Icon


24px Gold Quality Icon


24px Iridium Quality Icon 2

75g 93g 112g 150g



Used in the Dye Bundle on the Bulletin Board. Red Mushroom is also an option for the Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room.

Life ElixirItems NeededRecipe
stardew valley Life Elixir1 Red Mushroom

1 Purple Mushroom

1 Chanterelle

1 Morel

Unlocks at level 2 Combat
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