Stardew Valley Refined Quartz   Refined Quartz


Refined Quartz is a resource. It can be smelted in your furnace by using 1 Quartz and 1 Coal (as fuel). This process will take 1.5 hours of in-game time. However, there are a variety of other ways to obtain Refined Quartz:

  • Dropped by Ghosts
  • Rarely looted from Garbage Cans after making your first Furance
  • Recycling Broken Glasses or a Broken CD
  • Breaking large crystals in The Mines

The selling price is 50g.



Building Ingredients Size
Slime Hutch 10,000g

500 Stone

10 Refined Quartz

1 Iridium Bar

Stardew Valley Marker6x11



Item Ingredients Recipe
Sturdy Ring 5 Refined Quartz

10 Copper Bar

10 Earth Crystal

Unlocks at Combat level 1
Crystal Path (5) 1 Refined Quartz Purchased from Robin for 1,000g
Crystal Floor 1 Refined Quartz Purchased from Krobus for 500g
Lightning Rod 1 Refined Quartz

5 Bat Wing

1 Iron Bar

Unlocks at Foraging level 6
Quality Sprinkler 1 Refined Quartz

1 Gold Bar

1 Iron Bar

Unlocks at Farming level 6

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