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Salmonberry is a Crop item that is found by foraging. You can find Salmonberry in bushes throughout Stardew Valley during Spring 15-18 (these are the only days you can find it in the wild!). If the fruit bat option is selected in the Farm Cave, sometimes you will find Salmonberry.

If you have a Foraging level of 4, you will receive two berries per bush. At level 8, you will receive three. If you temporarily boost your Foraging level to 12 or above, you will receive four. Salmonberries found from bushes will always be normal quality, however if you have the Botanist perk they will be iridium. Silver and gold quality can be found in the Farm Cave.

Salmonberry heals 11-29 health and 25-65 energy, depending on the item quality.

The sell price depends on the quality of the item. Refer to the table below.

stardew valley Salmonberry  

24px Silver Quality Icon


24px Gold Quality Icon


24px Iridium Quality Icon 2

5g 6g 7g 10g


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