Stardew Valley Serpent  Serpent


The Serpent is a monster found in Skull Cavern.



Skull Cavern150230220



Serpents fly around the floor at a very high speed. They are a common monster within Skull Cavern and deal a very high amount of damage, so having a good weapon is recommended before entering. Their hitbox is slightly larger than their sprite, so you should try to swing your weapon early to avoid trading hits.


Drop Table

ItemRarityBase Sell Price
Stardew Valley Void Essence 48Void Essence(99%)50g
Stardew Valley Void Essence 48Void Essence

(double drop)

 Stardew Valley BombBomb(15%)50g
Spicy EelSpicy Eel(6%)175g
Rabbits FootRabbit’s Foot(0.8%)565g
stardew valley DiamondDiamond(0.4%)750g
Prismatic ShardPrismatic Shard(0.4%)2,000g
Prismatic ShardPrismatic Shard

(double drop)



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