Stardew Valley Shadow Brute  Shadow Brute


The Shadow Brute is a monster found in the late floors of The Mines. There is a Monster Eradication Goal of killing 150 Void Spirits in the Adventurer’s Guild, any Shadow Brute kills will count towards this. There is also a friendly Shadow Brute in the game named Krobus.



The Mines (Floors 81-119)160182315



Shadow Brutes are a fairly standard type of monster. They are resistant to knockback, therefore you must be moving slightly when attacking them to avoid taking damage. Other than that, they have no special abilities.


Drop Table

ItemRarityBase Sell Price
Stardew Valley Void Essence 48Void Essence(75%)50g
Stardew Valley Void Essence 48Void Essence

(double drop)

 Stardew Valley Iridium BarIridium Bar(0.2%)1,000g
stardew valley Gold BarGold Bar(1%)250g
Stardew Valley Iron BarIron Bar(2%)120g
Stardew Valley Copper BarCopper Bar(4%)60g
Strange BunStrange Bun(4%)225g
Rare DiscRare Disc(0.3%)300g
Dwarf Scroll IIIDwarf Scroll III(0.5%)1g
Dwarf Scroll IVDwarf Scroll IV(0.1%)1g
Prismatic ShardPrismatic Shard(0.5%)2,000g
Bottom of The Mines Reached
stardew valley DiamondDiamond(0.4%)750g
Prismatic ShardPrismatic Shard

(double drop)



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