Site Updates & Developments 1/20

Hi everyone!

I wanted to make this post to touch base with all of you. If you’ve been frequenting the site for the past few months, you’ll know we’ve come a long way from the beginning. I am working very hard to ensure that we become the single best resource for Stardew Valley. The site is still heavily under development, I have lots of ideas, and I am constantly looking to improve functionality of all aspects of the site. With that, let’s take a look at some things.


This is my current main focus. I created the Encyclopedia and its subcategories (Achievements, Bestiary, Items, Quests, Villagers) to house all of the information about the game – and I mean all of it! It currently looks a bit barren, but we have been focusing on the main subcategories for the time being. The new searchbar goes hand-in-hand with this. You can use any searchbar on the site to find an item, along with all of its information, at lightning speed!

User Profiles

profile example

Everyone is now able to signup and login to the site with your own personal account! You’re able to upload an avatar, cover photo, and add some information about yourself. I have some ideas to expand upon this later to make it more useful, but I would love to hear what you want to see available here!


discord example

Today the Discord server has received a bit of a makeover! It’s no longer a server with the default settings, we now have a variety of chat and voice channels, as well as some cool features like leveling up by participating in chat. Once again, I am very open to suggestions here. I hope to create a helpful and diverse community here, click below to join! [wp-discord server_id=”397162960931258368″ theme_class=”wpd-white” member_count=”0″]

What do YOU want to see?

This site was created for the purpose of centralizing everything you could possibly need for Stardew Valley in one place. I have a handful of different ideas for helpful tools and webapps that I’m making progress on each day. While all of these will be implemented in due time, I’d love to know what you want to see. Feel free to comment any thoughts or suggestions below, and remember that no idea is too big or too small!

In other news…

One of our partners has recently launched a game server hosting service. If you play games like ARK, Terraria, or any other popular online games, you’ll know that some servers can be unstable and laggy. With GameserverKings you’ll receive top notch speeds, guaranteed uptime, and unrivaled support for an incredible price! You can find out more by visiting them here:


Have a great day!



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