This mod will allow you to prestige your skills in Stardew Valley once you’ve reached the maximum level! This will allow you to earn more than the limited number of profession perks available in the Vanilla version of the game. Once you hit level 10 in a skill, you can reset it back to zero to earn 1 prestige point.

Your skills!

What’s the point?

Profession perks give you great boosts in various aspects of their respective skill. However, you’re only able to learn two of the four available. With prestige points, you can buy profession perks!

A level 5 profession perk will cost you 1 prestige point and a level 10 profession perk costs 2 prestige points. Keep in mind prestige points are not grouped together but rather based on each skill. For example, to buy a level 5 Farming perk, you’ll need 1 prestige point in the Farming skill, a prestige point in the Fishing skill will not work. This will allow you to ultimately learn all professions!

An example of your choice of professions

Note that when you prestige a skill, any recipes you have unlocked will be reset. The mod also supports the Luck and Cooking skills, which you can download by clicking their links!


This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!

Created by: Alphablackwolf

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