Slime Egg

Stardew Valley Green Slime Egg 100Stardew Valley Blue Slime Egg 100Stardew Valley Red Slime Egg 100Stardew Valley Purple Slime Egg 100


Slime Eggs can be obtained as rare drops from Slimes, or made by putting 100 Slime in a Slime Egg-Press. Slime Eggs have a very low natural drop rate. Slime eggs separate into 4 variants scaling in the order of Green, Blue, Red, and Purple in order from least rare to rarest. Slime Eggs can be sold for different prices depending on rarity.

Slime Eggs can be hatched using a Slime Incubator which will take 3 in game days or 4000 in-game minutes.


Stardew Valley Green Slime Egg 48Stardew Valley Blue Slime Egg 48Stardew Valley Red Slime Egg 48Stardew Valley Purple Slime Egg 48
1,000g 1,750g2,500g5,000g


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