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Slime can be obtained by killing Slimes anywhere in the game. Each Slime you kill will drop 1-2 Slime. You can also buy them from Krobus on Mondays for 10g, or they can be obtained by Slime Balls.

The selling price is 5g.



Used in the Adventurer’s Bundle in the Boiler Room. 99 Slime required.

Slime (100) can be used to produce a Slime Egg using your Slime Egg-Press. This will take 20 hours, and the base product sells for 1,000-5,000g depending on the color of the Slime.

Oil Maker Items Needed Recipe
Oil Maker 50 Slime

20 Hardwood

1 Gold Bar

Unlocks at Farming level 8
Cork Bobber
Cork Bobber 10 Wood

5 Hardwood

10 Slime

Unlocks at Fishing level 7
Slime Incubator
Slime Incubator 2 Iridium Bars

100 Slime

Unlocks at Combat level 8
Wild Bait (5)
Wild Bait 10 Fiber

5 Bug Meat

5 Slime

Unlocks at Linus’ 4 Heart Event

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