Sprint and Dash Buttons Mod

Tired of walking around Stardew Valley at the same old slow and dull pace? This is the mod for you! It adds two different ways to move your farmer around more quickly, dash and sprint.

Stardew Valley Sprint and Dash Buttons Mod

The dash button (defaulted to the N key) makes your character dash very fast, it also does lots of damage, and makes you invulnerable for a short time afterwards. However, it costs lots of energy, has a long cooldown, and the dash power depends on your skills.

The sprint button (defaulted to the Control key) makes your character run slightly faster, but costs a bit of energy per second. It is intended to move faster around the world when you don’t own a horse yet.

Want to to learn how to change the keybindings? Look here!





Created by OrSpeeder
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