Stardew Valley Squid Kid  Squid Kid


The Squid Kid is a monster found in the late floors of The Mines.



The Mines (Floors 80-120)1182315



Squid Kids move around the room randomly and quickly, shooting fireballs which also bounce around the room. The key to taking out Squid Kids is to quickly rush and hit them, as they have such low HP you can typically kill them in one hit. You can also hit any of their fireballs with your sword to destroy them, however blocking does not work.


Drop Table

ItemRarityBase Sell Price
 Stardew Valley Solar Essence 48Solar Essence(75%)40g
stardew valley Gold BarGold Bar(5%)250g
Stardew Valley BombBomb(10%)50g
stardew valley Mega BombMega Bomb(5%)50g
Dwarf Scroll IIIDwarf Scroll III(0.5%)1g
Dwarf Scroll IVDwarf Scroll IV(0.1%)1g
Bottom of The Mines Reached
stardew valley DiamondDiamond(0.4%)750g
Prismatic ShardPrismatic Shard(0.4%)2,000g


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