Stardew Valley Save Editor

This incredibly useful save editor tool will allow you to easily modify all sorts of files within your Stardew Valley game. You will have access to a complete map editor, the ability to add and change items in your inventory, and even the appearance of your character!

Some other features include changing recipes for cooking and crafting, modifying basic character stats, and unlocking features such as the Skull Key and Stardew Hero automatically.

Fortunately, the program has a built-in auto-updater! This means you will automatically download the newest version whenever it is available. There’s also a handy backup save manager, so if you make any mistakes you can easily revert back to your previous saves!


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Created by rusty2226
InstallationAdditional RequirementsDonate
Unlike normal mods, this is a separate program that will run in the background of your game. All you need to do is download the file and run the application!
There are no additional requirements for this mod.
The creator does not currently have a donation link set.

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