Starry Sky Interface Mod


This mod will replace the original user interface with a pastel blue and pink interface, with astrological and wing accents. The author has went out of their way to include an almost full package replacing all of the original interfaces to match the theme.

This includes cursors, menu tiles, text boxes, and even the title screen! Font colors were softened to more match the color palette of the interface. Purple now replaces the original red max friendship color. The letter and envelopes have even been redesigned!

Stardew Valley Starry Sky Interface Mod

The fishing interface and treasure chests have been recolored, and villager portrait boxes now have a cool wing-type moon design! Lastly, the bulletin board (includes the help board and calendar) has been changed up to fit the color scheme as well. Give this mod a try and show the author some love!





Created by walpi
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