Takedown Request

Takedown Request ūüôĀ

Here at Stardew Valley Hub, we believe mods are key part of the game. They not only improve the game, but also add even more content to an already content-packed world. Because of this, we choose to host them on our site.

That being said, as a creator, we acknowledge that you have full ownership of your mod(s). While we would love to display all of your wonderful creations on our site, we understand that you may not want this. We will comply with any takedown requests after we can confirm that you are the creator of said mod.

We try to offer as much as we can for creators, such as linking users directly to your donation pages, and we are always brainstorming ideas to further incentivize  & reward your hard work. We are happy to hear any of your ideas or suggestions to better help you.

If you would like your mod(s) to removed from our site please fill out the form below.

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