Teh’s Fishing Overhaul Mod

There’s no doubt fishing in Stardew Valley can be frustrating, even with a high skill level and high quality fishing rod. This extensive overhaul will not only improve the overall quality of fishing, but also make it much more rewarding! The author has even given you a very large range of options to set to your liking in the config files. Some of the much needed changes to fishing found in the mod include…


The Upgrades

Fish are now about 15% easier to catch, with an added ‘unaware fish’ event in which a fish has a chance to become about 50% easier to catch. The chance of a fish being unaware is based on your daily luck and general luck level. There is also a streak system in place that rewards you for perfect catches. Every three perfect catches in a row, the higher quality of fish you will catch, even up to iridium! As your streak increases, so will the difficulty of catching the fish, but the higher chance of receiving treasure!

Stardew Valley Teh's Fishing Overhaul Mod


Speaking of treasure, it’s been reworked as well! Treasure in general is now caught roughly 25% faster, and if you find treasure during a perfect  catch, you’ll have a greater chance of that treasure being rare. All junk rewards from treasure have been given a higher quantity so they’re not too terrible. The coolest part of this rework is that you’re even able to edit the treasure itself by editing the config files.

Stardew Valley Teh's Fishing Overhaul Mod 2


No More RNG!.. Almost

Lastly, fishing can now be more localized. You will be able to choose which fish you can find depending on your location, this also means you no longer need to be standing in a specific location for legendary fish! Legendaries can be caught anywhere, they just have a small chance of spawning. You can even catch them multiple times (although this is disabled by default, you’ll need to edit the config files) if you wish.

Note that if a fish cannot be caught in a specific location, you will not be able to make it spawn there, but there’s a handy tool to show you which fish can be caught in whatever area you’re in; by pressing the 9 key on your num-pad you’ll also be able to view all fish you can currently catch.

What are you waiting for, start casting those fishing rods!





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