User Interface Suite Mod

This UI Suite Mod adds everything you could need to the UI and more!

Stardew Valley UI Suite Mod


It gives you a range of tools that can be toggled on and off at your leisure that will enhance your game experience substantially. The current features include…

  • Adds more tooltips that give useful information
  • Crop type and days until harvest tooltip
  • Displays NPCs on the map (Also see: NPC Map Locations)
  • Displays a dynamic experience point bar depending on your current tool or location (Also see: Experience Bars Mod)
  • Displays an icon that represents the current day’s luck
  • Displays experience point gains
Stardew Valley UI Suite Mod Combat
  • Displays icon over animals that need petting (Also see: Animal Friendship Labels)
  • Displays icon over animals when they have items for you
  • Displays more accurate hearts based on how close you are to gaining one
  • Sprinkler and scarecrow range indicator
  • View calendar and quest billboard anywhere
Stardew Valley UI Suite Mod 2

All of these can be toggled within the in-game menu if you’d like to use a different mod (alternative mods listed!) or simply don’t want to use a certain feature.





Created by demiacle & AltF7

InstallationCustomizationAdditional RequirementsDonate
This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!

In the Config (what’s this? check out this guide!) you’ll be able to edit the following…

  • keysForBarrelAndCropTimes: key press to display barrel and crop times
  • canRightClickForBarrelAndCropTimes: allow right click to display barrel and crop time
  • Sprinkler: the range for sprinkler and scarecrows, defaults to the standard ranges but can be edited in case another mod alters this behavior

There are no additional requirements for this mod.
The creator does not currently have a donation link set.


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