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Wine is an Artisan Product created by placing a fruit inside a Keg. It takes around 7  days to produce and can be sold at 3x the base value of the fruit use to make it. Wine can also be gifted to the player during the Feast of the Winter Star. It is also possible to get wine from the Traveling Cart or a Statue of Endless Fortune, this Wine has no base fruit and can be sold for 400g (or 560g with the Artisan profession).

Wine heals 22-58 health and 50-130 energy depending on the quality of the item. When consumed, Wine will make you Tipsy, decreasing your speed by 1 for 30s. The healing value of Wine does not change based on the Fruit used to make it.



Wine, when placed in a Cask can age up to Iridium Star quality. Wine has the longest aging process of all items the Cask can age.

Wine 48 24px Silver Quality Icon 24px Gold Quality Icon 24px Iridium Quality Icon 2
3x Base Fruit Value (3x Base) x1.25 (3x Base) x1.50 (3x Base) x2
Aged: None Aged: 14 days Aged: 28 days Aged: 56 days



Used in the Enchanter’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board.


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