Stardew Valley Wood   Wood


Wood is a resource. It can be most commonly obtained by chopping trees and branches with your Axe. Normal trees will yield between 13-17 wood, and destroying the stump will yield between 5-7 wood.

You can also obtain Wood from:

  • Fishing Treasure Chests
  • Purchase from Robin for 10g
  • Robin may gift you 99 Wood during the Feast of the Winter Star

The selling price is 2g, or 3g with the Forester Profession.



Wood (99) is used twice in the Construction Bundle in the Crafts Room.


350 Wood

150 Stone

Stardew Valley Marker4x7
Big Barn12,000g

450 Wood

200 Stone

Stardew Valley Marker4x7
Deluxe Barn25,000g

550 Wood

300 Stone

Stardew Valley Marker4x7

300 Wood

100 Stone

Stardew Valley Marker3x6
Big Coop10,000g

400 Wood

150 Stone

Stardew Valley Marker3x6
Deluxe Coop20,000g

500 Wood

200 Stone

Stardew Valley Marker3x6

50 Stone

150 Wood

4 Cloth

Stardew Valley Marker4x2


Gate10 WoodUnlocked Automatically
Wood Fence2 WoodUnlocked Automatically
Mayonnaise Machine15 Wood

15 Stone

1 Earth Crystal

1 Copper Bar

Unlocks at Farming level 2
Bee House40 Wood

8 Coal

1 Iron Bar

1 Maple Syrup

Unlocks at Farming level 3
Preserves Jar50 Wood

40 Stone

8 Coal

Unlocks at Farming level 4
Cheese Press45 Wood

45 Stone

10 Hardwood

1 Copper Bar

Unlocks at Farming level 6
Loom60 Wood

30 Fiber

1 Pine Tar

Unlocks at Farming level 7
Keg30 Wood

1 Copper Bar

1 Iron Bar

1 Oak Resin

Unlocks at Farming level 8
Tapper40 Wood

2 Copper Bar

Unlocks at Foraging level 3
Cork Bobber10 Wood

5 Hardwood

10 Slime

Unlocks at Fishing level 7
Wood Floor1 WoodPurchased from Robin for 500g
Straw Floor1 Wood

1 Fiber

Purchased from Robin for 1,000g
Weathered Floor1 WoodPurchased from Dwarf for 500g
Wood Path1 WoodUnlocked Automatically
Flute Block10 Wood

2 Copper Ore

20 Fiber

Unlocks after Robin’s 6 Heart event
Torch1 Wood

2 Sap

Unlocked Automatically
Campfire10 Stone

10 Wood

10 Fiber

Unlocked Automatically
Wooden Brazier10 Wood

1 Coal

5 Fiber

Purchased from Robin for 250g
Barrel Brazier50 Wood

1 Solar Essence

1 Coal

Purchased from Robin for 800g
Wood Lamp-post50 Wood

1 Battery Pack

Purchased from Robin for 500g
Crab Pot3 Iron Bar

40 Wood

Unlocks at Fishing level 3
Chest50 WoodUnlocked Automatically
Scarecrow50 Wood

1 Coal

20 Fiber

Unlocks at Farming level 1
Seed Maker25 Wood

10 Coal

1 Gold Bar

Unlocks at Farming level 9
Charcoal Kiln20 Wood

1 Gold Bar

Unlocks at Foraging level 4
Recycling Machine25 Wood

25 Stone

1 Iron Bar

Unlocks at Fishing level 4
Cask20 Wood

1 Hardwood

Unlocked with cellar upgrade for your Farmhouse
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